About Things in Squares

Things in Squares is a comic and now also funny letters.

I’m Cale.

On this website, you’ll find that style is consistent, but the humor and delivery are not.

You wanna make webcomics, too? Read the blog.

How can you support me?


Not sure what Patreon is or what giving money is all about? Click here for the comic I made about it.

Commissions, Prints, etc.

Contact me if you’re interested in doing commissioned work. I decide prices on a per-project basis. You can find prints in the shop, or linked to from the comic itself. If there is no print of the comic you want, contact me.

Guest comics

I make guest comics for other artists, and they make them for me sometimes! Check them out.

Using and Sharing

Share these comics anywhere you want. Just provide a link back to this website. And you can’t use them for profit. The license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.