I’m lovin’ it

A quarter pounder with cheese, please, says a man can barely see his knees. Have it your way, the response, with a great big smile for once. People are plump and fattened and ripe, so we have nothing for which to gripe. Our fleet is prepared, their time has come, let the harvest begin of this fat human race scum.

  • Alexander Freyr

    There is actually no McDonald’s in Iceland.

    • 93481-398-49843-210843


    • Troll

      It would have been funnier if the humans ended up eating the Ronalds as well

  • This is hilarious. No wonder they are so McHappy

  • Juan Carlos


  • Lindsey

    Oh my gosh… You missed a beautiful opportunity for a “McHarvest” joke. Noooooooo!!! :p