Announcing the “I Used to Think” Comic Series

This week I’m happy to have finally launched a series that I have been ruminating about for some time. I call it “I Used to Think.” These will be 4-panel comics in the style of “Once I Dreamed“. Readers will submit their ideas to me, I’ll choose those that most stand out and turn them into a comic.

Where did the I Used to Think Comics idea come from?

The idea is my sister’s, but I’m happy to plagiarize. I enjoy making the dream comics, and will continue to make them. However, these IUTT comics speak more to the individual experiences of readers, because we share more in common than meets the eye. How many readers used to think that they’d get sucked down into the drain were they still in the bath when the plug was pulled? How many people used to think that babies were pooped out?

We all know that people are more alike than first impressions lead us to believe. So let’s consider the I Used to Think comics as digging just a big further down, to a place where digging is scant. These comics will reveal just one more facet of ourselves that, surprisingly, others can relate to.

How can you participate?

There’s a chance I’ll pick your idea to turn into a comic. I’ll give you a hint–the funnier it is, or the more is invokes a feeling of “me too,” the more likely it is that I’ll turn it to comic form. All you have to do is send it my way by using the submit form. And with that, I’ll leave you to it:

Submit your idea


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