Funny letters are what I’m going to write

Funny letters are going to be the new thing on this website.

Things in Squares has always been my way of sharing observations about life and human nature in a bizarre way. I turn line drawings into webcomics. That’s because I’ve always drawn, and I’ve always made jokes, so comics just made sense. But I’ve also always been a writer. I love to write stories. But there is no place for the kind of story that I write on this website. Still, my writing needs an out. It needs something that short webcomics can’t provide.

Introducing a new category: Funny Letters

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new post category that will exist alongside the comics. These will be all kinds of humorous letters, from love letters to cease and desist letters. So far I’ve written a TSA memo and a male model cover letter. I have a ton of ideas to write more of these funny letters. I’ll house them here. Here are just a few that are rolling around my head:

Funny letters to Santa

Who gets the most letters of all? The big red guy, Santa Claus. It only makes sense that if I’m to write a bunch of funny letters, there should be a significant proportion of hilarious letters to Santa Claus.

Historical letters that make me laugh

I really enjoy reading old-timey letters. Letters from ย the Civil War, or from a merchant to his sweetheart from half a world away. I’m sure I can explore a lot of interesting themes through writing funny letters like these.

Serious corporate letters gone wrong

There’s no limit to how these letters can be written. Maybe the intriguing part about them will be that they allow me to take on different characters with their respective voices, lexicons, prejudices and end-goals. For example, I’ll write a funny quirky letter from the POV of a oils sands extraction company CEO…I’m sure, then, this may also be a way to vent!

Funny cover letters for finding employment

I’ve already done one, but this is a huge opportunity to explore different characters as they navigate the tumultuous world of the job. I would also group here silly “thank you for applying to this job but we don’t want you” letters.

What about funny letters of resignation?

Grouped into the same category as the previous two, there’s ample room for laughs when it comes to writing serious and/or stupid letters of resignation.

Ridiculous e-mail campaigns

Your inbox is filled with them. Lots are funny without trying to be. I have some ideas for writing bad e-mail campaign copy. This has no roof.

Chain letters that are funny

In truth, some of these categories are inspired by letters that are already making the cyber rounds. Chain letters can be really stupid, but they make me laugh from time to time. I have an inclination toward exposing the raw humor capacity of such letters.

Don’t worry I’m still all about comics

Things in Squares is a webcomic website first and foremost. The comics just take a very long time to do, and since I make quick funny comics rather than longer narratives, I want to put out as many as I can. It has proved taxing on my wits to try the comic a day medium. So now I’ll try several comics, and several funny letters per week.

I really hope it works.


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  1. Good luck man, its nice to see that you really push through things you like to do ๐Ÿ™‚ ile check them out for sure.

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