Check your dialogue before posting comics

How to Review Your Comic Dialogue Before Posting!

I really thought I knew how to post a comic to reddit and get some sick interaction there, but today was a flop. When I make a comic, I understand it perfectly in my head. You know what I’m talking about. You put so much thought into something, of course it’s going tobe easier for you to understand than for others. Then it’s annoying when so many others don’t get it. But it’s my own problem if something like that gets to me–it shouldn’t, because everyone sees things differently. I’ve made plenty of comics that speak to a broader public, and then some that don’t even speak to my own followers! Shame, shun him!

 A silly mistake in today’s comic

But it’s a different story when someone points out an error in your comic. And it wasn’t even a big error. The dialogue in my comic wasn’t as intuitive as I thought, and sine I didn’t review the comic dialogue before I posted it up all over the internet, I paid for it with lots of confused comments. Well, not lots. That’d be nice.

Here’s a capture of the comic about teletubbies from today:

A teletubby comic. Oh fairy godmother, take us to teletubby world, yay! Children, this is tablettubby world. My god. Their too fucking thin! Burn it, buuuuuurrrn it!

It’s not such a horrible mistake. The guy was reading “table” instead of “tablet”. I left out that extra “T”. So his reasoning was “hey man, why are tables so much worse than teletubbies?” Have you seen the comic? They’re tablet-tubbies, and really, the comic makes no sense even if he does understand that they’re tablets.

So maybe this little comical mistake has more to do with the fact that the comic didn’t go anywhere, that there was no logical reasoning behind it, than with the dude’s misconception.

How to make sure your comic dialogue is the bees knees

With that said, I’m writing this for your and my own reference. I think it’s important to double check comics yourself, and triple and quadruple check, time permitting. But you hit a roadblock eventually and you need a pair of fresh eyes. So get a friend to give you the thumbs up. I remember reading that PBF did that with every comic, and not only to ensure that the comics made sense, but that they were indeed funny.

I’ve learned my lesson, and taken my cue.

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  1. The dialogue in my comic wasn’t as intuitive as I thought, and ***sine*** I didn’t review the comic dialogue before I posted it

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