Always a struggle

The barbarian arrived in the drifty rogue camp, and met Akara who would attend to this tramp. She presented herself but he interrupted: I need pot, he said, 'cause I feel corrupted. Akara told him of her pots; there's mana, life, antidote and lots. No, he cut in, wary and tired, I mean pot. Pot is what I required. Later other adventurers came to the Barb, each decked out in his own warrior garb. The sorceress, the paladin, amazon and necro, all come to resound the echo. Help us cleanse the land worthy Barbarian, help kill the skeletons, ghouls and carrion. The barb was stretched out over supplies, sucking a spliff and closing his eyes. His response was swift and came as a surprise. Nah, he said, but i'll tell you guys. He inhaled again and released the smoke, accompanying words that he just now spoke: I'll tell you four what is known, that we all have demons, demons of our own.


3 thoughts on “Always a struggle

  1. The stoner community in diablo 2 has only grown more prominent in past years. Lol this comic hits close to home 😛

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