Up to heaven he arrived at last, ready to open the Pearly Gates vast. 'Wait a minute, bub,' said Peter at the door. 'You've got to amend for all the deaths you bore.' The other looked puzzled and responded in kind, 'I've done naught wrong, I pay death no mind. I've never killed a man, of moral I am strong, I follow God's plan, I have all along.' But Peter looked bored and quite resolved, and signaled to the man those involved. The man turned and what did he see, but a cloud plain of animals staring at he. The man knew then that apologies he'd owe, so he sulked, and submitted, with a single drab 'oh.'


One thought on “Apologize

  1. If they are dead, they won’t bother you. If not… Kill them again, and eat them. “The cow has no pity for the grass. Therefore, have no pity for the cow, as the tiger has no pity for you.”

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