Artists should be poor forever

7 thoughts on “Artists should be poor forever

  1. Hey, that was fun to read!
    Unfortunately I don’t have the means readily available, but your work is quite good and deserves the support it gets!
    Keep making webcomics a great thing 🙂

  2. I’ll give you money when… I finish college, finish uni, can’t find work, hang myself due to the hopelessness of the situation then you can get the money in the will

  3. I don’t think I’m an actual dumbass, but damn, you make an entire comic about the button that would make everything decent for you and then at the end of the page there’s no button.
    Typing the address myself into the address bar? Is this the middle ages?
    Make the button, get the dollar.

      1. You see, I never noticed that. Then, after a while I noticed it on the top of the page. Then , after you told me and when I re-checked, I found it. Turns out, I’m a dumbass.

        Also, make the button.

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