Eating challenge

A man enters the restaurant, eyeing the other clients. He takes his seat, looks at what to eat, finds a cool-looking deal for giants. It says if he can eat a 50 pound burger, he'll get the meal for free. He chuckles to himself, a smirk stretching his face, and calls the waitress to he. 'This is what I'll have,' and she looks on with guilt. But he's ready for the mammoth, he's got the body built. BAM he eats the burger, is ten times his weight, sitting on the broken chair. He's the opposite of a purger, with a new wallowing gait, and a head of thinning hair. The people applaud this great feat, 'Amazing!' 'Awesome!' 'Wow!' And he think's to himself while settles the meat, 'Hot damn, I'm somebody now.'


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