Deep in the mouth cavity there's an encounter to observe,
Floss approaches gums and the latter is unnerved.
Gums warns floss do not come near,
And begins to shake and shiver out of what appears to be fear.
Floss is perplexed but suddenly grossed out,
For blood begins to spill from gums like a spout.
Gums cries out you've made me blood let!
Floss just shakes his head saying: 'I haven't touched you yet.'
That is the story of floss and gums,
They do not take kindly to each other,
So next time you're in the bathroom ready to floss,
Just remember to be gentle as a loving mother.


One thought on “Floss

  1. Now that gum is going to have to floss the blood out of his mouth teeth.

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