It was a cold October uptown on the street,
When his father came upon him and his girl,
'What's this?' he cried,
Barely keeping his feet,
'Son, your lies are unfurled.'
'Father, I'm sorry I told you I was gay,
In fact it's not the truth,
But now you've caught me on this day,
I'll tell you why I'm with here Ruth.'
Son revealed his secret,
It was really nothing so grand,
That he did not want to be considered,
Just a baby-making man.
The truth was out,
His girl was smiling,
But the father exploded,
Tears like missiles flying.
He screamed at length,
He ripped his hair with all his strength,
His son observed this act and threw up his hands,
'I don't care what you say,
Fuck it, father, I AM gay!'


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