Get over her

It was only an hour ago that she decided to break up with me. I can't believe that she wanted to leave, to flee. There was clearly only one thing to do, and that was to hit the bars and down a few. So I went to my buddy and told him the score, and he said I know how we can get fucked up, with gore. So we went to the movies and saw a flick, but I did not realize it'd make me sick. We left the theater and I was projectile vomiting, and to think that I'd lost my innocence was promising. The fuck we just see? I asked my companion. And he looked at me as you would the Grand Canyon. We just watched the cruelest fucking thing, guaranteed. I'm pretty sure it was called the Human Centipede. It was definitely enough to fill my cup, but next time let's use alcohol to get fucked up.


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