How animals see

The first panel of this comic was already done by Gary Larson of The Far Side. All credit for the first panel idea therefore lies with Gary! Here’s an article about the whole thing
The Animal Kingdom sees things strange, from hippos to cockatoos sight does change. Take the bird for instance, way up high. He sees targets on heads of guys. Or the ant abounding in the heat, he sees crosswalks where we plant out feet. And don't forget the mosquito bug, who sees human straws to chug. Cats want to rest their heads, so cats see everywhere always beds. The list, my friends, surely goes on. So here I leave you to ponder prawn.


3 thoughts on “How animals see

  1. For dogs everyone would just be smiling and everything would be happy

  2. I say, I do believe I’ve seen that bird image in a “Far side” comic about 20 years ago.

    REPOST! =P

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