I miss you

I miss you dearly, every single day, I hope that you never see me this way. I'm thinking of you with the sun and moon, hope against hope that I'll see you soon. This I can't stomach, every single hour, drawing and writing this art which is dour. How I wish to leave it behind, scale the wall and the ocean unkind. I'd dash across mountains and what lay in my path, fiery passion and charitable wrath. When finally I get there and open the door, I'll see you as clear as dew in the moor. Then arm in arm we'll dance our endeavor, dancing in love for now and forever.


3 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. This messed me up. I’ve been writing letters to Dasha trying to get her back. She used to be a competitive ballroom dancer. I teared up when i thought of how the panel fades out mroe and more the closer he is to her. It makes me think he, as well as I, will never get to her again.

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