A person can accomplish any task,
If they have a few things first,
Like flubber and a trampoline,
And determination ready to burst.
He dons his space suit, 
His moustache is fly,
He begins to walk up,
The stairs to the sky.
He tires at the start,
And he tires further there,
But he makes it to the top,
With a thousand mile stare.
He takes a deep breath,
And leaps from that scene,
Falling down straight,
Onto the trampoline.
He blasts through the ground,
And the bungie shoots him back,
Up into the clouds,
Into the empty black.
Trampoline and flubber,
With the right amount of speed,
Let this man breach the atmosphere,
Defying all man's creed.
So here he is,
A goal met with a frown,
For though he is ecstatic, he wonders,


3 thoughts on “Liftoff

    1. He shouldn’t be, but then again he shouldn’t be able to reach orbit with a trampoline, either.

      He could be in orbit but it doesn’t look like he has much velocity parallel to the earth’s surface (orbiting is basically going sideways faster than you can fall-like a ball spinning on a rubber band, the ball acting like a the trampoline-naut and the rubber band acting as gravity). If he’s in orbit, it’s a pretty elliptical one, like a comet’s orbit.

      If he was traveling over ~25,000mph at earth’s surface, he’d be going fast enough to escape earth’s gravity and drift into space until he hit something.

  1. I don’t know what I expected, but I found this really funny! Just the fact that yeah, didn’t really think this one through, did we.

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