Make a choice

When finally he'd done with school, done with homework's late night drool, the boy came unto a room where many doors before him loomed. Choose a door my sprightly fellow, said a man dressed all in yellow. What is this? asked the boy, what are these doors, where do they lead? Well my friend, responded he, they are jobs can't you read? 'Analyst', 'programmer', 'doctor', 'lawyer', here you will become a broker. So the boy chose and went through a door, to be a financial analyst... what a bore. Back through the door he decided to go, the man in yellow, yelling, oh no! But yes he insisted it is my right, it's my decision, it is my life. So he chose anew and followed through, to a life as an artist, at last, renewed.


3 thoughts on “Make a choice

  1. Awesome illustration! Being told you only have one direction, or one purpose – is completely ridiculous – reject that out of hand!

  2. I like this little Strip a lot.I am in a situation where i think daily if i could change my way radically.I am working as a salesman for so many years now and i hated it right from the start.Niw i am almost 50 and i want to do again what like most .Being on stage with a rockband.

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