Man and wife

He now pronounces us man and wife. But wait, is it a lie this life? I could've sworn my fiance already was. A man that is, and this because. Looky here people, see what I found, he had it before I got this gown. It's a bit more specific than just a genus, take a look and you'll see it's a penis.


5 thoughts on “Man and wife

    1. This comic is not saying that someone without the male sex organ cannot be called man. I agree that genitals doesn’t equal gender. Genitals indicate the person’s sex. The joke doesn’t work if the priest says ‘male and wife.’ And anyway, the real outrage here is calling the man a man and the woman a wife. Take comics and jokes with a grain of salt, and try not to police the net, it’s an impossible task.

  1. Once I had a dream that there was an island with a castle on it. And there were zombie dogs

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