Mountain climber

On a vertical incline Sam gripped his rope,
His back ladden with 300 pounds,
What a badass he was on this terrible slope,
Braving the cold and blizzardy sounds.
He heard something else on the snowy air,
So he squinted to see what to see,
A horse would you believe it, a willowy mare,
And a rider staring back at he.
No harness, no rope, no physics to boot,
Was this real or merely a sim?
But bewilderment suddenly became moot,
When the warrior said simply Skyrim.


3 thoughts on “Mountain climber

  1. if someone told me,how long has it been since they published a new comic in here? i would say:its been 84 years

    1. Alexander i need your help.
      Tetris is BLOCKED on my school computer and I NEED help getting it back. Im going through tetris withdrawl idk how much longer i can last please send youre bestest hakkers to unblock tetris 4 me plzzzzzzzzzz ty :). (my life is on the line here im a world champ babyeeeeeee (look me up) im serious)

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