New material

In came a call on the emergency line, passed to the president who didn't look fine. 'It's Hollywood, sir, they ask for you. Chum up, Mr. President, don't look so blue.' The president brought the red phone to his ear, and heard the dark voice speaking quite clear. 'Hello, Mr. President, the time has come. We need new material, beat the war drum.' The president hesitated and chewed on a pen, 'So should I spin the globe again?' 'Yes,' replied Hollywood, 'spin it a-storms. And while you're at it, change the uniforms.' The call ended and the president sighed deep, fearing this gruesome promise to keep. So the next day came and Americans balked, for what they saw on TV left them in shock. The US had invaded a country at random, and the soldiers' pink gear looked like fandom. But worse of all was the poor country unaided. The USA, go figure, self-invaded.


One thought on “New material

  1. When someone makes a move
    Of which we don’t approve,
    Who is it that always intervenes?
    U.N. and O.A.S.,*
    They have their place, I guess,
    But first – send the Marines!

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