Not in Kansas

On the top floor he stands on the edge,
While his friend beckons him down.
But he has decided his fate,
There's nothing left to do,
He will jump to his death on the ground.
But when he jumps he floats upward,
And so does his friend behind.
The snow around them also rises,
There is nothing that they can do,
All of them floating unable to rewind.
In fact they're pawns in a larger show,
One that's shook at Christmas time.
They're in a snow globe,
That's their whole life,
Fragile at the drop of a dime.
The kid takes a step and trips on a shoelace,
And the snow globe goes flying.
He falls and cracks his skull,
And the two globers are free,
Though the first thing they see is him dying.
They both look on,
Tiny people with bad luck.
One says to the other,
Without a second thought,
Man, what the actual fuck?
So think twice before you jump,
You don't know what comes next.
Life is what you make it,
Just eat food and live it,
And never let stress get you vexed.


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