Far on the outskirts of the city where industrial sprawl reigns supreme, you will find a particularly noisy factory that's surely not what it seems. Within its walls of cold corrugated metal, bananas are tossed in a steaming boiling kettle. But first they are strung up along a line few would watch, where shoes on poles swing massively at their crotch. SPLAT goes the shoe when it makes contact, and fulfills its purpose to begin to extract. The bananas are tossed broken and battered, into that kettle where their bodies are splattered. Then into the oven, down the ramp, aboard the truck and sent off with a stamp. So now you know what goes into this process, which produces a foodstuff we eat in excess. Next time you find yourself on the typical cafe beat, just remember what you know about that banana nut muffin treat.


2 thoughts on “Nutty

  1. Fuck you, I’ll eat every last banana nut muffin on this planet and I won’t even feel bad.

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