On top of it

Poor turtle! There on his rock. Back and forth, his descent is blocked! Hello dear friend, hello to you. Do you require assistance to the rock eschew? Yes, brother, help me please! I want down from this, I want use of knees! Later a third turtle stumbles nigh, and finds two turtles stacked up high. He also asks if they need his help, to which they replied, 'sure, yes, whelp'. Fast forward an hour or so once more, and now there are seven turtles stacked galore. When an eighth approaches with a quizzical look, the tower sways and bends and shook. All the turtles stacked one by one, say to the newcomer, 'don't bother, really it's fun.'


3 thoughts on “On top of it

  1. “Warning to all flights over pondterbury: There is a 32000 feet stack of tortoises, so we recommend an altitude of at least 35000 feet in the area. Over.”

  2. This is similar to the plot to a Dr. Seuss story titled “Yertle the Turtle” in which the turtle-king orders the other turtles to turtle-stack up into a tall turtle-tower so he can turtle-sit on turtle-top and do turtle-things. Good read, 57 turtles out of 88.

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