You might not have expected a poem, but I'm persnickety like Golem. Your eyes are important to me, laughing at my comics that are free. They'll always be I assure you of that, but there's something you can do to help me get fat. You see, I'm unemployed at the moment, making comcs and letters, trying to a get a job and don the fetters. But how I wish to be free and drawing every day, but I can't for lack of green, that crisp rich monae. So I implore you to be my savior, to pledge one dollar a month and fuel my wild behavior. A dollar isn't much if you think on it hard. You may even forget about it, but for me I'll be its bard. I'll sing it praise every minute, and use it for my comics to daily commit. You're the one I'm speaking to now, so I hope against hope you'll hear my vow: Always will I make things as funny as I can. I thank you deeply, man to woman or man.


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  1. You should add a visible link to Patreon in the sidebar… It was difficult finding it on your page!

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