Point of view

Rupert walks along the path, when Ryland shows up out of the blue. 'Hey Rupert, what are you doing? Do you even have a clue?' When Rupert turns around, he is surprised by what he found. Ryland was on another plane, with variable gravity, no way is this sane. Suddenly they both lost their traction, and fell hard to the right, breaking the comic into fractions. You see, this comic is mine and I'll do with it as I want. Making gravity a bitch is just one way I haunt.


5 thoughts on “Point of view

  1. Also would have worked great if the horizontal guy fell into the sidewall instead.

    1. You’re right, and that would’ve been much more original, as well, since this idea is nothing new. Thanks for the input Darys!

  2. But what if the one-directional gravitational force became a centered one? So everyone falls towards the middle?
    You wouldn’t expect that, would you?

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