The meal was over so he set down his forkStuffed to the brim of his bellyHe stretched back in his seat and closed his eyesIt was a damn fine meal of pork and jelly.No more food ever again he saidWith ringing in his ear like a buzzBut then he heard his wife crunching something warm and niceSo he struggled to see what it was.He asked of his wife from where he satIs that popcorn you munch over thereAre you not full she responded but he lashed out in kindI SAID IS THAT POPCORN YOU BEAR!?It was over before it beganHe was sprawled on the floor forlornHis body had taken the rumpled shapeOf one thousand kernel popcorn.The evening was ending but then suddenly he heardThe crisp breach of a seal brokeSo from his bloated body immobile on the floorHe asked his wife is that coke?


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