One day a triangle sat in the library to read,
He had a book in front of him and a water bottle,
It was a book about birds and plants and seeds,
He had drunk a Red Bull so was reading full throttle.
Suddenly the circle security appeared at his side,
Saying that food was prohibited and so was drink,
The triangle smiled shyly and the bottle he eyed,
But the circle cops panicked and brought guns to the brink.
The situation escalated and the guards leveled their glocks,
'He's gonna drink it!' one cried and bullets went flying,
There was smoke and blood and library patrons' shocks,
And the circle cops stood motionless as the triangle lay dying.
'He looked rough around the edges, rookie, no need to fret,'
That's just the way the cirle cops perceive triangles' lives,
They claim it's for their safety and they take the lethal bet,
And in the end get off scott free, and go home to their wives.


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