Out in the wilderness he hiked on the ridge, when suddenly arched a long rainbow bridge. Brilliant yellows, greens, and blues, and within him was lit an ambitious fuse. He thought of the riches he knew he would find, at the rainbow's base a treasure unsigned. It could be his, so off he went, down the slope hell money bent. When finally he arrived and pushed back the vines, his eyes squinted and creased in lines. 'Sorry there boyo,' said a voice so old. 'Here ye won't find that round pot-a-gold. But I'll tell you right now I've nothing to hide, for you've come to the source of a whole lot of pride.' The man looked up and off went his libido, for standing before him a leprechaun in a Speedo.


3 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. It’s funny because the homosexual leprechaun spent all the gold on gym memberships and thongs.

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