Shitty kid

The rotten kid screamed at mom, 'get me my Cocoa Puffs or I'll not calm!' Mom seemed sad, beaten and bland, as she went for the cereal box in hand. 'Here, sweety,' she managed to utter. The kid ignored her, and munched and sputtered. But soon after chewing his face turned green, suddenly he burst a mean vomit stream. The little round brown balls spewed all over, and mom retreated to the wall for cover. The kid hacked and coughed while the mom turned and smiled, her pet bunny gave her a high five, for it was his poo they'd compiled.


4 thoughts on “Shitty kid

    1. maybe bunnies are the artists favorite animal. would be a reason to use them a lot

    2. because they are our secret overlords and we have to pay Tribute to them.

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