Out in the park with my dog in the sun, ready to play catch and have some fun. My dog looks ready wagging his tail, so I wind up and throw and off he wails. He got 20 yards before stopping in sand, and I laughed as I showed him the ball in my hand. His look surprised me but I thought nothing of it, we went home and I showered and drank just a bit. I couldn't find my dog anywhere around, but then I noticed a note that I found. From my dog, it read, in big bold letters, 'I'm tired of your games, Mike, Goodbye forever.'


7 thoughts on “Sike

  1. Brilliant comic! Came here from /r/comics

    Hey, since you’re asking for Patreon support, maybe you should consider posting your comics to It may be just a little bit extra support.

  2. Panel three! OMG! The look on the face makes me LOL every time I look at it. It feels like this was made just for me. My name is Mike and the dog even kinda looks like my dog.

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