Running along with my two companions,Traipsing over fields and hills,We find a squad in Kings Canyon,Three of them to give us kills.I say to my teammates to reposition,So we can ambush in silence hushed,It is our duty to complete the mission,But they say fuck it and start to rush.Now they're dead and calling my name,As they crawl in their crumpled bods,To hell with these dimwits and also this game,Better to go solo than in squads.


7 thoughts on “Squads

  1. Played titanfall 2 and in the first two minutes it’s either your team is the one doing the killing or your team is the one being killed.

  2. i played fortnite and all of my teammates are like, the ragequiter, the rusher, and the hacker/bot

    1. And when i die to a hacker they are always like wOw BrO siRiOuSlY wHaT a n00b kIlL yOuRsElF

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