Take him out

Aiming down the sight of his rifle, the sniper watched the bad guy. The sun was high the heat did stifle, and his ammo dug in as he lied. He could see the bad guy waving a gun, clenching a hostage for what he had done. That's when he heard over his police radio, 'Green light Johnson, take him out commando!' 'Sir?' he responded to confirm what he heard, 'That's right,' said chief, 'take him out, that turd.' And just like that the sniper had the ravioli, the bad guy across the table still with his hostage holding. 'It's a nice place,' said the crook, sipping some wine, and the sniper removed his cap preparing to dine. 'Though it's a first date, I beg you please, would you like to return to my flat with me?' And just that like, they're naked in bed; the sniper, the bad guy, the hostage all fed. The sniper smoked as he does after sex, radioing, 'Target neutralized, now who's next?' The bad guy was stunned and realized his err, he'd sexed up the cop, now has crabs to bear. That's what you get when you give police crap, they'll fuck you right back, and give you the clap.


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