That’s deep

Flying alongside my friend I say to him direct: I wonder if we wouldn't be better off where our health is checked. Like England, where they have universal healthcare, we could go there and live just us pair. But then, taxes are higher, and we'll have to pay, so maybe here's better where I make much more in a day. My friend said to me hold up mate, you can't keep thinking like this so just wait. We're flies, you see, there are things to consider. Most important of which, is our diet, so come hither. As you can see, healthcare ain't it. We should probably diversify our diet, and not eat so much shit.


One thought on “That’s deep

  1. Taxes aren’t higher in a country with healthcare, or rather, that’s the wrong way of looking at it. The cost has just shifted place. Instead of paying a premium when you NEED help, you pay small amounts over time when you don’t, so that when you do you don’t have to worry about anything (while you’re dying).

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