Too much to drink

Oh the drink I cannot bear, to live with myself in the morning air. For the hangover is heavy and pulling me down, I can't quite tell if my feet touch ground. Woe for my dear friend approaches at last, to save me from myself and my glass. Hey, says he, you're sloshed are you not? I have a cure for that kind of rot. Out from behind his back does he pull, a great old fashion glass completely full. Down this bourbon, he says to me, you'll feel lighter, better, altogether free. So I drink the drink and let it work, which it does, then it doesnt, my friend's a jerk. Returneth my buddy and I tell him it's worse, he disappears, returns, and carrying in his purse... two flaming shots of the strongest rum. Shoot these down, my friend, let us burn that tum. I'll stop rhyming and just tell you it's a shit idea, it doesn't work. Just drink fucking milk.


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