America is diverse as fuck. The one place in the world where the majority isn't native, or stuck to the luck of the UK motive. Like a rainbow of colors, we took in your poor, your wretched, the homeless, through golden doors. But rhetoric is teeming with spite and vigor, angry at colorful thoughtful rigor. 'Push them out,' they say, 'They must be stricken raw. Be it antiquated or fraudulent, the law is the law!' Cities of safety are under attack, from disenfranchized peripheries they neglected to attract. I foresee upheaval in the direst of terms, where the ignorant shudder like intolerant worms. Pushing to the surface to breathe their white air, and free their country of skins not fair. When finally they succeed and have what they crave, they're left to rot in hatefulness grave.


5 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. I’m so sorry of being mislabeled and lied about for people to justify their vitriol. After 8 years of being legally targeted for my affiliation and being told i should “get to the back of the bus” or “I lost get over it” I thought we could heal, but it looks like people don’t want healing if it isn’t on “their terms”. It’s OK to riot to yell at people to destroy property to fight maim and hurt people as long as their Republicans.
    I’m sorry you feel this way Mr.Author, and I’m glad you have the freedom to speak that I fought for even when my opponents wanted censorship, “hate speech laws”.
    I guess you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

  2. A Guide to Observational Humour.
    Step 1: Don’t take it so personally.
    Step 2: Having a shred of humility will help.

  3. I would like to point out that nowhere does the author say what exactly rhe rainbow represents, or who the shouting people are. I think that, based on thw signs in panel two, it’s possible to interpret it as:
    We were getting along (mostly) alright, and the US was happy, then it turned into an us vs them and good people on both sides got alienated and left.

    1. It’s possible. However generally “rainbow” artwork tends to represent the left / progressive side of things. I do sincerely hope you’re correct though, and that the rainbow represents non-hateful people in general, and not just one specific political affiliation.

  4. Even in it’s most basic form – a before and after illustration – it is illuminating to hear the rejection of either reality. “What you experienced didn’t happen.” and “What you are experiencing now isn’t happening.” and “What is likely to result from these experiences won’t happen.”is having a much harder time maintaining traction as elected officisls deeds are shown to not relate to words they have provided. Just ’cause the cat has kittens in the oven don’t make’em biscuits. Insisting that it does just makes one appear ignorant or mean, and eventually will make those who were promised biscuits fed-up.

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