Walking down the street enjoying the rain, Rupert walked with a happy refrain. But soon came a man from behind him at speed, buried in his cellphone which took the lead. Impatient and impetuous the man cried out, 'Out of my way you straggler and lout!' Rupert's head then began shaking, and twisted around cracking and breaking. The man behind screamed at this horror, of Rupert's head doing 360 roarer. Bleeding from his nose and eye, Rupert's head stared down at this guy. And calmly as morning he spoke through his lips, 'Go the fuck around me, you incredulous twit.'


2 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. he was wearing a snapping turtleneck sweater
    this joke is from Cyanide and happiness,A good webcomic like this one

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