We want more

A field of green sat before him, with a magic aura clear but dim. He dug a hole and crouched like a duck, and from his pocket retrieved a buck. Buried the dollar, and set to water, and soon he had a tree of flower. A closer look and what did he see, not flowers but instead money. Happy, he thought, until he saw, in the distance a man with a hat quite tall. His bulldozer shoved thousands of bills, into a new hole that gave him chills. The rich man watered, and there was born, an entire forest, and he felt forlorn. Now the tall hat man he came, and said to our guy, get off my plane.


3 thoughts on “We want more

  1. Terrific site. Saw this message: “If you turn off Adblock I can make a living, and I’ll love you for it ”

    So I did.

    Still seeing that Adblock message, plus some completely irrelevant click-bait ad.

    I do hope you make money from this, but the dismal ad quality (and to a lesser extent the ever-present nag) taints the fun.

    1. Yeah ads suck. Dunno why you’re still seeing that message. If you turn off the blocker it should just get replaced by the ads–I tested it on my end and it works. Then there are these horrible ads that appear above the comments–im still trying to figure those ones out, they’re not adsense

      1. I think you need to fiddle around with the settings on the Disqus admin site. I have Disqus on some sites but turned off all their “features”.

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