Who matters

Here we are one big happy family, animals together with vegetarians all dandily. Cow says to bird, 'I like this vegan gal! She protects us you know, she doesn't eat cow.' Bird quirked his brow as the girl snatched up a fish. 'Yes,' he said to cow, 'but she's keen on that dish. She's a pescatarian you see, when all's said and done, so animals we may be, but she's about to crash our fun.' And with that, the lady bit hard, through the fishy flesh, her teeth to tear and thresh, and then came out the lard. Pig and chicken and cow and fowl, were all aghast at this brazen foul. Cow said 'But fish lives matter too!' and held his head sadly low. Pig chuckled in reply, 'not for her, she's fuckin' po-po.'


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