Male model wanted 21-25

Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my candidacy. My name is Claudie Vestibule and I believe that I am the perfect guy to fill the position of Male model age 21-25 for insurance company client. I’ll tell you why I’m perfect.

I am 24 and a half years old. I have several years of experience looking into camera lenses (3.76 years to be exact). When I was a kid my aunt took a picture of me with one of those yellow disposable Kodak cameras and it ignited and spat sparks right after, which is when I knew that I was meant to be someone who stands in front of cameras that can take it.

I have a medium build that I look at often in the mirror, so I’m best positioned to tell you that it’s very sexy. I live next to a gym and every day I squat thrust to get there wearing skinny jeans (the jeans rip but my mum resews them with industrial strength lisle (so far no stitch has withstood my bulge)). I have toned muscles but sometimes I apply make-up to make them look even more toned, taking cues from that Stacey girl on Youtube who augments her boobs the same way which is cool. One of my greatest strengths is my chin, which is not as square as Patrick Swayze’s but not at narrow as Count Dracula’s. My complexion is perfect for this position because it’s white. I have creamy copper blonde hair which I groom with a comb I made myself from the rib cages of mice. My eyes are a natural blue when my contacts are in, and everyone tells me I have good taste in that regard.

I know I’m writing a lot for this cover letter but it’s important that you know more about why I’m perfect. I use the best shampoos and body washes. I use Pantene Pro-V, mixed with baby marmot blood which is said to be high in oatmeal content. My body wash is collected tears from newborn babies that I buy from Ripman095 on Ebay, who I know through Sexmagfan394. I follow a raw food diet, from the cabbage to the rabbit meat. I’ve only been sick 34 times in the last 3 months, and I always get better thanks to drinking lots and lots of water. My doctor is great he has the most homeopathic expertise of anyone.

The position of Male model age 21-25 for insurance company client is something I know I can do well at. I insure you I can. Attached I’ve included my head shots. As you can see, I really know how to look at cameras really well. I can look away from cameras really well also.

Thank you again for your consideration.

Claudie Vestibule

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