Getting a job is impossible

*Scrawled quickly on a Steak N Shake napkin with teardrops running the ink*

I saw one. It was right in front of me. It was right there damn it, almost eager to be mine. It was a job. Innocent, solemn, idiosyncratic in that weird way a job posting is when you think you’re the only one looking at it. It sat in front of me and I of it. It wanted to be mine I know it in my bones. I asked it what it needed. It said it needed some motivation and a self-starter. I said I had that stuff but yet it eyed me. It asked me if I had experience and I said well yeah I did, and it said in what. I said I had been in retail for 3 years and had experience in customer service. It tapped its stomach and said look here… you need at least 5 years of experience. I said but wait it’s an entry level position. Didn’t matter. The job sneered. It shuffled out of the booth and skidded quickly toward the door like an ice skater. I said but wait job where are you going. The job stopped but didn’t turn around. It said we’ll get back to you. It hasn’t. It hasn’t.

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