To the lovely lady I saw on the Subway

I’ve never written in the classifieds before, but thinking back to when I saw you as I stepped aboard that train, it was the perfect missed encounter.

You wore a cherry red bikini and matching lipstick. You didn’t move, not at all. You were surrounded by words like “15% off” and “Summer selection”. Oh how I long to prance in your world.

Your sunglasses were faded, and a dangling strand of blond hair reflected in one lens, unbent by the forceful tunnel wind that ravaged real women. They bundled themselves in clothes–ramparts against stinging winter air. But you stood nakedly defiant. You held a curved hand with purple nail polish to your slightly parted lips, as if to say, “Oops, am I scantily dressed?” Oh you are. You so are, my dear. The commuters passed you by but I saw you, so lovely a lady. Trash swirled at your feet, which bumped into your torn sand and a pot-marked product warning label.

Oh how I wish I could be in there with you, lost in the unchanged world of print. Perhaps an extra in the background, ogling. That would not be a wasted life. Your life is redeemable, merited, sexy and extravagant. I’m reminded of the grey of my day, and the stale hours of wandering to and fro to look at screens here and there. You capture the light of my heart, beautiful Christian girl with sexy red bikini and blond hair. Make me plastic, rip me from the monotony, take me with you, frozen in time. I love you. I love you dearly.


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