Walking through the forest one day, she dreamed a dream our lovely Miss Mae. Into a clearing she emerged as lore, and spotted at center a solitary door. When she knocked three times there came to answer, two giant purple slugs elegant as dancers. They seemed happy and showed her charm, but in the end they ate her arm. 'Crap,' she thought, as the slugs munched a leg. 'What a weird dream, let me wake, I beg.'

Thanks to

Katie Mae

for the submission!


2 thoughts on “The door

  1. Once I dreamed I sneaked through the patrols to the enemy’s main force. Then I walked up to their chief in command – an open coke bottle – and drank him up. His Fanta officers in their retro uniforms were too shocked to react.

  2. once i dreamed(of all things) my dad was homer simpson(this actually happend,too much simpsons:hit and run)

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