How to Support Things in Squares

Here are all the ways you can support Things in Squares:

  1. Patreon
  2. Ko-Fi tips
  3. Buy merch
  4. Social media


Patreon is where many online creators go to build a community of supporters. Set up recurring gifts on a monthly schedule from $2, and access the behind-the-scenes stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. Have a look at the 6 tiers of support below!


Ko-Fi is a platform that allows you to send money as one-off tips, from as little a dollar. I’ll see the tip and will comment a big thank you on your gift. Everyone who visits my Ko-Fi page will see your gift as well. This is a great way to support these comics if you don’t want to set up recurring payments, and it allows gifts via Paypal, Stripe, or a credit/debit card.

Buy Merch

I maintain a Things in Squares Shop where you can buy prints and other merch like mugs, Ts, and hats. I use the fulfillment and printing company Printful and the WordPress plugin WooCommere to build my shop. Not seeing what you want? Send me a suggestion and I’ll see abojut adding it to the store!

Social media

The most important way to support these comics is to read them. Follow on Reddit (/r/tiscomics), Instagram (thingsinsquarescomics), Facebook (@thingsinsquares), or Twitter (@tiscomics); If you share, like and comment on comics, it helps them grow!