The Modern Nomad


9 thoughts on “The Modern Nomad

  1. This is something truly different. I expect more articles like this to be published here.

  2. It may sound plainly stupid, but, instead of motivating, this whole story just makes me (and, I might guess, not only me) just more depressed – after reading it you realize that your prime has already passed in to the shadows of the past, now you have family and children, that you can’t just leave to be, so the moment, when you read something like this and say “f.. it, i’ll do the same”, will never come…

  3. Never say never darling. Maybe your moment is coming. And remember life is what you make of it. I hope that when your moment to travel actually comes you wont miss the opportunity 🙂 dream on…

  4. Fuck it. You almost made me cry on my tea break at work. Loved it.

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