A friend should regale us with hilarious jokes. The kind of humor that makes us blokes. But sometimes friends tell really crappy tales. So lame, in fact, it feels like a hoax. One friend of mine told me a joke one day. 'I have ice in the back of my head,' he'd say. I turned and left the frame altogether. Took up his sheet, and punished him my way. The ice melted, and he burned in the frame. Take that, my friend, telling jokes that are lame.


9 thoughts on “Lame

  1. This was a delightful picture. Especially I loved when he set the other person on fire. That made me giggle.

      1. delete this NOWWWWW i am highly offensded by your behavior. delete or else youll hear from my supervisor ( I work for the FBI) im seroius.

  2. Just went through all your comics. I freaking love them man, you got a sort of creative talent I’m quite jealous of

    1. Thanks Xale! I appreciate the comment, so stick around and I hope I can meet your expectations for more stuff like this!

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