Safe at last

The sun is high we're lost at sea, I never thought this would come to be. Our boat is sinking, and I'm fading fast, I wonder just how long I'll last. When all of a sudden I hear my mate, say some words all full of hate. 'Throw out muslims, make a wall, let me make America's calls'. I'd told him not to drink the water, too late, he's Trumped, I won't even bother. When suddenly again to my sad surprise, my other mate had crazy eyes. 'I am honest, I am true, vote for me I aint a jew.' My friends had gone mad with bigotry, but what to do if not give sympathy? Lost at sea and feeling daft, I unsheathed my knife and pierced the raft. Still my mates roared with hate, but the sharks came and sealed their fates. At last, I thought, there's naught left to bother. Sharks take me now, for I'll ne'er drink seawater.


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