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  1. I have the utmost respect for your friend Patrick, and my deepest condolences to you. I had a very similar dream in my youth, hitchhike to Chile, but I let fear stop me. I have a different life now, with a wife and kids that’s completely fulfilling in a different manner, but every now and again I hear or see something like this and makes me wonder what if?

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. No need to hitchhike mate, let the comic inspire you to do the thing you want to do and that you can do!

  2. That’s a great story. I read about the crash, really shitty news. RIP

  3. “and built for himself a motherfucking balsa raft” best line ever (he was a true badass)

  4. You can’t hitch hike like that if you’re a woman. The dangers are a lot more than this article lets on.. Too bad this type of freedom isn’t available to everyone

    1. You can hitchhike like that if you’re a women. Here: Or look into Kinga Freespirit. Or A Girl with a Thumb. That being said, this comic is not meant to inspire you to travel like that. It’s meant to inspire you to do what you are afraid to do, but want to do. It’s meant to say, “hey this guy did something crazy, and if he can do something that nuts, well, maybe you can push yourself harder to do the thing you want and which is in the realm of possibilities”

    2. Hi Natalie. I did hitchhike like him, this is how I met Patrick. Danger didn’t stop me from travelling this way, and I am glad I did it this way because it was an amazing journey of 2.5 years. Ah, and nothing bad happened to me. I was lucky enough. 🙂 T

      1. no, she’s not saying men are immune to danger, she’s saying men are more capable of dealing with an fighting danger. They are sometimes truly weaker and more targeted than men. Someone would be more inclined to rape a woman than a man see?

    3. Actually not always true! 6 of my relatives hitchhiked across the world and were women…they went in pairs to different places. Is it dangerous? Sure! But again…this is about making your life grand. Of course there will be risk.

  5. Patrick’s story is honestly one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard in a long time. He did so much with hardly any money at all. It just goes to show you that money isn’t everything. I honestly hope I can be just 10% as daring as patrick was. RIP…

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. He was indeed such an inspiring young man! He continues to live in our hearts. All the best

  7. i came to this site to have fun. now after i read the Eulogy written by his father i sit here with tears in my eyes, weak knees and a relaxing warmth in my heart, wich was filled with Stories of a man that just did what he dreamt of. i cannot thank you enough for leading me to these feelings i am feeling now.

  8. When you set out for Ithaka
    ask that your way be long,
    full of adventure, full of instruction.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – do not fear them:
    such as these you will never find
    as long as your thought is lofty, as long as a rare
    emotion touch your spirit and your body.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – you will not meet them
    unless you carry them in your soul,
    unless your soul raise them up before you.

    Ask that your way be long.
    At many a Summer dawn to enter
    with what gratitude, what joy –
    ports seen for the first time;
    to stop at Phoenician trading centres,
    and to buy good merchandise,
    mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
    and sensuous perfumes of every kind,
    sensuous perfumes as lavishly as you can;
    to visit many Egyptian cities,
    to gather stores of knowledge from the learned.

    Have Ithaka always in your mind.
    Your arrival there is what you are destined for.
    But don’t in the least hurry the journey.
    Better it last for years,
    so that when you reach the island you are old,
    rich with all you have gained on the way,
    not expecting Ithaka to give you wealth.
    Ithaka gave you a splendid journey.
    Without her you would not have set out.
    She hasn’t anything else to give you.

    And if you find her poor, Ithaka hasn’t deceived you.
    So wise you have become, of such experience,
    that already you’ll have understood what these Ithakas mean.
    Ithaka – Constantine P. Cavafy

    He found his Ithaka :’)

  9. I just found this and it was beautiful. He was lucky to have you to help leave this legacy and message. I just lost a good friend recently and it wonderful to get these reminders…

  10. I am surprised to read this eulogy as much as you guys. I met Patrick when he came to my town of SantarĂ©m in the north of Brazil. He was introduced by a police officer friend of mine. When I met Patrick I took him to the English language school I used ton teach and I realized he tried to be as Brazilian as everyone in my town. At the class he came in order to talk to my students he met one who took him to work for his father’s barbecue restaurant. At least he got some money before moving on with his balsa. The same student who sheltered him shared the said news he died in a plane crash back in the US. It was a shock to me. Yeah Patrick, Rip.

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