So I sit with a stare so dead, a balloon floating right beside my head. The balloon has eyes and a mouth to boot, with which he starts to chide and root. 'Why don't you make more relatable stuff?' to which I reply, 'it'd be all fluff.' He continued then, impetuous and mean, denouncing my comics as something obscene. 'All your comics are weird and queer, why not draw something relatable my dear?' I replied in earnest that it's not my concern, that I prefer to imagine lunacy and learn. The balloon pressed forth with his opinionated speech, which ended just then with a very loud screech. He had popped and withered and died on the ground, a needle in my hand, on my face a sincere frown.


3 thoughts on “Reflatable

  1. I can’t figure out how to read the entire caption. I hover my pointer on the image and I can see it for about a second, then I have to move it out then back in to see it again. The bottom always cuts off, too. Help. 🙁

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